The details of what it’s like living in Japan as an exchange student


I decided to go to Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), namely because I believe global experience and a constant change of pace is important to energize your mind. Tokyo is a city, very unlike Delft, where I was living as an undergraduate at the time and it was certainly refreshing. And food, food, food, 24/7. I gained 8kg in the first month, and I’m not even kidding.

Before my final application I got in contact with an exchange student from Aerospace Engineering who just arrived back…

The Case of Pyrolysis Technology


Figure 1: Discarded tires (source: black bear carbon, 2020)

Millions of discarded tires would have become landfill or worse, go directly to incineration (ETRMA, 2019). Today, tires are taken in by an innovative Dutch company,, where they are transformed into carbon black through a thermochemical process called pyrolysis, used then to make newer tires and other products (Williams, 2013). Material recovery-use of waste tires increased from 8% in 1994 to 57% in 2017 (ETRMA, 2019). This is a prime example of the rise of the circular economy through pyrolysis.

Marcel Xing-Kai Kempers

Co-founder @ Pyropower | Reef Support | Social and Climate Impact — Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

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